Neurologics Network

Neurologics refers to the study of the nervous system of the body and its relationship to the rest of the body including the muscles and internal organs. Neurologics included in that would be the functioning of the brain, which is the master control for the multitude of nerves in the body. Neurological problems are like undiagnosed and untreated Celiac disease but include neuropathy, headaches, balance problems like ataxia, dementia, seizures, MS-like symptoms, memory impairment, schizophrenia, childhood developmental delay, depression and anxiety, inattention, muscle weakness, autism or Asperger.

In many neurologic disorders, including all the degenerative disorders, new cell growth may be an important part of the healing process. Neuropathy is a descriptive term that refers to breakdown of nerves. This may be indicated by tingling, pain, numbness, or misperception of tactile stimuli. Neurologic Treatment includes identifying the cause and treating it if possible.

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